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Ken Diener founded KJD Architecture PC in 1993 based on ongoing planning relationships with national retailers and local developers. We believe maintaining ongoing relationships with clients requires an understanding of the inter-relationship of appropriate design solutions and people, politics and costs, as well as an ultra-high commitment to delivering products within set timelines.

Consistent in the firm's projects are the site design, team coordination and zoning approvals for development masterplans. The planning approval process has developed into a specialized art form that demands a unified team approach. Teams that KJD Architecture PC leads include the client, the client’s brokers, attorneys and construction managers, additional architects, consulting engineers, and environmental clean-up and wetland mitigation consultants. The jurisdictional side of the process typically involves city and county planning, public works members, state departments of transportation and federal and state officials involved in environmental issues. Frequently citizen groups become a third party.

Over the past six years the architectural component of KJD Architecture PC's work emphasis has expanded. Following a logical progression of innovative site solutions, our architectural approach seeks to find connections to site, client and users. Our clients have been commissioning projects with the desire for increasing quality and innovativeness. KJD Architecture PC enjoys responding to these clients direction.

Mr. Diener’s past experience includes teaching Architectural
Design Studio courses at Case Western Reserve University in
Cleveland, Ohio and at the University of Western Australia,
Perth. He was a member of DLCD’s model code committee and was a member of ODOT’s Access Management Advisory Committee. You can find Ken Diener every Wednesday as a guide at the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. Past projects as a project architect and designer include tribal planning with the Warm Springs and Grand Ronde Tribes, hotel master plans, city waterfront developments, private marinas, golf courses and ski town resort planning. Condominium projects have been located in Maine, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, New Jersey and Ohio, as well as Western Australia. Retail projects include The Shane company’s Portland building conversion and show room, Ethan Allen showrooms, CB Commercial and Thomason Auto Credit offices.

KJD Architecture PC has been responsible for over 350 sites and projects since 1993. Key to all of the above relationships is Mr. Diener’s understanding of the client’s needs and the delivery of solutions for them efficiently, clearly and comprehensively. Coupled with this understanding is the philosophy that all projects, no matter the scale or the client, are people based and people-driven.
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Ken Diener
KJD Architecture PC


KJD Architecture PC
& Kenneth J. Diener Architect and Planner, 1993 to present
JKS Architects, 1990-1993
Intern & Project Architect ’77 – ’89


Masters of Architecture, M.I.T. 1984
Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture, North Carolina State University 1981


Registered Architect in Oregon, Washington, and Ohio
N.C.A.R.B. Certificate #37915

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